Yard Debris & Oil Recycling

�� Yard Debris & Oil Recycling Site �� 
Open 3rd Saturdays

December 16, 2023 - January 20, 2023 - February 17, 2024 - March 16, 2024

8 AM until 12 Noon

 OPENS for the 2024 Season on
Saturday, April 6

It will be open every Saturday from 8 AM until 12 Noon
(with the exception of holiday weekends)

You must have a Yard Debris PERMIT to access the Yard Debris & Oil Recycling Site. Permits are free to Boonsboro Town residents and are available at Town Hall.

�� Monday Curb-side Yard Bags ��
Pick up will begin on Monday, April 8, 2024
• Please no more than 8 bags per household, weighing no more than 30 pounds each per bag. If you can’t lift the bags, neither can our Public Works staff.
• NO dirt, mulch, stone, sod, dog poop, flower pots, cans, paper or other trash should be mixed in with debris. Bags will not be picked up if these items are inside. We mulch the yard debris pile at the site every year & items listed above will damage the mulching machinery.