Resident Notices

Town Hall would like to bring it to our residents’ attention that we have had reports of scammers in the area imitating 'Xfinity Comcast' sales people going door-to-door gathering residents’ personal information. Please be sure to ask for credentials and identification before talking to anyone that comes to your door. There are some legitimate sales people in the area, but there are also people who are taking advantage of the situation. Our Police Department is working on putting a stop to this with the help of the Town.
Antietam Broadband’s services are available town-wide and Xfinity Comcast services will be available very soon giving our residents a choice between providers.

�� Residents are under no obligation to switch cable or internet providers, regardless of information that you may receive in the mail, through email or by a door-to-door sales person.
Please report all deceptive or misleading sales practices to Town Hall and file a report with the MD Consumer Protection Division