Recycling Quick Guide

EMPTY aerosol cans

Aluminum, bimetal, ferrous, and steel food and beverage containers
Aluminum foil

Mixed Paper/Corrugated Cardboard
All paper

Catalogs & Magazines
Flattened corrugated cardboard (boxes)
Frozen food packaging
Hard- and soft-covered books
Newspapers with inserts
Paper board (cereal and cracker boxes)
Telephone books

Recycling numbers #1 through #7

(Narrow-mouth containers such as: ketchup bottles, syrup bottles; wide-mouth containers such as peanut butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, butter tubs

Remember to rinse all food and beverage containers (they don’t have to be spotless)

Remove caps/lids and place all in the recycling cart/bin.

Not accepted:
Glass food and beverage containers, window glass, pyrex, ceramics, mirrors, ovenware, crystal, gift wrap, clam-shell food containers (styrofoam or plastic).

More information is available at
or by calling 240-313-2790