Trash & Curbside Recycling

Household Trash & Recycling are picked-up on TUESDAY mornings by Apple Valley Waste. Place your items at curbside on Monday evening.  Effective immediately, all trash must be bagged. Apple Valley will not empty containers that have loose trash.

Place approved recyclable materials in your RED recycling bin. (Do not bag items in the bin)
 If recycling bins appear to be contaminated with household trash, AVW will not pick them up. Warning notices will be placed on the bins stating the reason why your recycling was not picked up. If you have additional recycling that you need picked up but your bin is overflowing, please place the extra items in a CLEAR plastic bag or cardboard box and place that beside or on top of the recycling bin. Recycling will NOT be picked up if it is in a colored bag. 

Apple Valley is unable to accept glass, coated cardboard milk and juice cartons, and styrofoam (including egg cartons). 

Please call Town Hall at 301-432-5141 for additional information.