Boonsboro Police Department

Boonsboro Police Department
241 Potomac Street

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 
8AM to 4PM for Administrative Assistance

The Department Front Lobby and Direct Line to Police Dispatch are open 24 hours

(Non-emergency Office Phone Number)

911 (To Dispatch Police)

  • Dave Rizer, Sergeant, Interim Chief of Police  
  • Tom Moretti, Officer First Class 
  • Billy Gilbert, Police Academy Cadet 
  • Amy Rudy, Administrative Specialist


The Town of Boonsboro has a long history of providing police protection to it’s citizens. The Boonsboro Police Department was in existence until around 1980 at which time it was dissolved and the Town contracted through the Maryland State Police for a “Resident Trooper”. This program was in effect until around 1994 when they changed to a Resident Deputy through the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. In May of 2005 the Mayor and Council decided that due to the growth and projected growth of the Town, it was time to initiate it’s own police force.

Mission Statement

It shall be the mission of the Boonsboro Police Department to support the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of Maryland. To uphold and enforce the laws of the State of Maryland and the Town of Boonsboro in a fair and impartial manner without bias or favoritism.

To protect the Town’s residents and property from violence, unrest, harm, deception and intimidation to the best of our abilities.

This will be accomplished through aggressive and visible patrols in an attempt to deter illegal actions, thoroughly investigate any criminal behavior in a concerted and cooperative effort, and maintain an excellent quality of life within the community.