Town of Boonsboro Water Service Line Survey

The Lead and Cooper Rule Revision (LCRR), effective December 16,2021, requires all community and non-transient non-community water systems to develop a service line inventory to identify the material(s) of service lines connected to the public water distribution system. The Town of Boonsboro would greatly appreciate your help in identifying where the lead water service pipes are located in our town, so we are able to determine a good plan for replacing all of the lead water service lines. Water service lines are the pipes along your property that run from the Town’s water main to the water meter to your home (see diagram below). Common water service line materials found in homes include copper, lead, galvanized steel, and plastic. Your input is essential in helping us update our records. A survey form is located on the enclosed card. Please read through the information and instructions first as it will show how to determine the material of the water service pipe that is entering your building/home. To identify the material of your water service line, please follow the step-by-step instructions below. Alternatively, you can contact a licensed plumber to identify the material for you or contact for assistance.

This quick 1-2minute survey will help you identify the material of your pipes on your property. MATERIALS NEEDED FOR TESTING: REFRIGERATOR MAGNET (coin-style magnet works best) AND A PENNY.

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Identify Water Service Line Material /For detailed instructions please use this link


Locate the water service line point of entry (usually found in the basement).  The pipe should be about 1-inch in diameter and will have a shut-off valve close to it. If you have a basement, the water service line will typically enter the building through the basement floor or the basement side wall.  Please reference the mailed instructions to help determine the material of your water service line.

Water Service Line Material

Based on the appearance and your testing, what material is your water service line pipe.

Year Home Built

Please select the year your home was built.

Source of Information

How did you determine the material of your water service line?

We are asking you to submit (3) three photographs of your service line to assist the Town. All photos should be clear and well lit. Please turn on the flash on your phone. First Photo: A close up, within 1 foot, of the scratched pipe area.   Second Photo: A photo from 2 to 3 feet away from the scratched pipe area that shows the wall/floor penetration and any connecting pipes. Third Photo: A photo from 10 feet away from the pipe to show where the pipe is within the room. Feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns regarding identifying your service line materials.


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