Water & Sewer Billing Information

The Value of the Boonsboro Water & Sewer System

  • The price to treat, store, and then deliver high quality drinking water to your home or business 24/7 is less than a penny per gallon.
  • Many water utility customers at times buy bottled water at a price up to 1,000 times the price charged for safe clean water at their tap.
  • Our water system also provides vital community needs such as active fire hydrants located throughout the town.
  • The price to collect the sewage from your home or business, transport it to a treatment plant, treat the waste and remove the impurities 24/7 is 1 penny per gallon. This ensures that the health and safety of the public and ecosystem is maintained.
  • We treat the water and sewage to Local, State, and Federal standards. These standards provide protection from disease, and provide for swimmable, fishable, and drinkable waters.
  • Prior to the Clean Water Act’s enactment, some rivers were so polluted they were literally in flames, Major River fisheries were gone and Major Lakes and Bays were declared all but dead.
  • Not treating the waste properly would contaminate the regional water resources which are the source of our drinking water, this would increase the costs to treat the groundwater to potable water standards and would also likely result in increased health costs for the community and lower the quality of life.
  • Our cost of service has no profit margin included and has very little overhead. Our cost of service is based exactly on the net expense to operate and maintain the systems.
  • Inflation causes the price of materials, supplies, and labor to increase over time. The water and sewer operations are not immune from this.
  • For households using the standard 200 gallons per day, the total price of water and sewer service is less than $100 per month. How does this compare to your other services such as cable TV or cell phone which do not have to physically deliver or take away anything away except for an electronic signal?
  • Most of our customers value a clean, safe, and healthy community. We strive to provide the highest water and sewer service quality for the best value.